As many other centenarian wineries, ours dates back 1865. Shortly before the phylloxera epidemic destroyed most of the vineyard in France.

When the French vineyard had virtually disappeared. French winemakers had to fine in Spain the wines, which they could no longer produce. They needed a good communication network (mainly by train) and high quality grapes. Morata de Jalón enjoyed a privileged situation, it was the only village in the Valdejalón/Cariñena area with a train station and it had the prestige Grenaches are gradually recovering today. So much so that Morata de Jalón, a village with 2000 inhabitants, had 26 wineries.

During those years our wines enjoyed a great prestige, winning several international awards (they can be seen until today in our facade):

Zaragoza 1868
Madrid 1877
París 1878

Such was the standing of ours wines that Leopoldo Alas Clarín named our brand, Valdiñon, in his most famous work, La Regenta.

On Christmas Day you must come to eat the turkey with us. … And I have been sent some wine from my homeland, a Valdiñón so full-bodied you can chew it…

With the same philosophy, but adapting it to current trends and demands, our winery keeps producing high quality bulk wine until nowadays.